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 Hows everyones 2009 gohst hunting business going?

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PostSubject: Hows everyones 2009 gohst hunting business going?   Sun Oct 11, 2009 2:30 am

Since 2009 is almost gone and ghost hunting winding down with cold weather and snow on the way, how did everys year turn out in the ghost hunting busiess. Anyone capture anything amazing or seen anything?

Ours was the "Black Shadow" caught at the Trans Allegheny Bookstore thats seen moving very fast and appears to be about the size of a child and the reports has it that there has been a child seen. The workers at the bookstore were blown by and they even said no question that we caught a black figure its form looks like a child and no way it looks like car lights its not brite and it crosses in front of the t-shirts in the lower left hand corner meaning the shadow wasnt casted on the walls. When we slowed it down alot frame-by-frame to see where the black figure came from, it appears to be setting in a chair behind one ofour investigators and from what we can tell it looks like its got a book in its hand. We took a picture of it and the picture and video is posted under our "Video's" section on our website. Be sure to check it out and give us your opinion!
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PostSubject: Re: Hows everyones 2009 gohst hunting business going?   Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:33 pm

We had a pretty uneventful year in regards to evidence...and as usual, we did more private residences than we did public/historic properties. So...that might actually have something to do with a lack of hard data, lol.
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Hows everyones 2009 gohst hunting business going?
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